There are several factors that decide the price of website design.We know that it would be impossible to give you an exact price before knowing about your specific job. So, this is simply a "basic pricing guideline" to give you a general idea of cost for designing your web site.

The major factors that determine the cost are:
  • Number of pages
  • Number of images
  • Scripting
  • Database driven
  • Graphic design
  • Ecommerce

We charge by the page. First, there is a flat fee to design the custom layout of your site, and then a per-page charge to create the site.

For advanced features, including ecommerce, database-driven web sites, Flash or other features, please contact us and we'll have a free, no obligation quote back to you.

Website Design Pricing

An initial consultation for estimation is free of charge.

Option A
1. Custom web layout and design: $200 (includes 1-3 comprehensive layouts to choose from)
2. Per-page cost: $100 (simple pages)
3. Form pages: start at $125

Option B
Five-page simple web site with Contact Form $600

Option C
Single page web site $200

*Domain/Hosting prices are not included. We can arrange to get domain/hosting for you.
Average pricing for a domain name is $15/year. Average Price for a hosting account $10/month.


It is very important to keep your site updated to ensure you have the visitors return to your site.

For those clients who want to focus on running their business, we are available to handle all maintenance and upgrade tasks, based on our hourly rate of $60.00, billable in 30-minute increments(1 hour minimum) or $50 monthly.

For those of you who wants to do it yourself we use CMS (content management systems) for your site which will allow you to make content changes.